Get the Most Out of Your Unit

Storage units aren’t cheap to rent or lease, so you need to make sure you get the most out of your unit to avoid having to rent more than one. Here are a few tips to help you optimize the space in your storage unit in Scranton. Information can be found here.

Choose the Correct Size

Get a storage unit depending on how much stuff you need to store. This prevents the need to have to cram things to the tiniest space, which could eventually damage your stuff or cause a danger to anyone who accesses the storage unit. See here for information about Factors to Consider When Getting A Storage Unit in Scranton, PA.

Deconstruct Furniture When Possible

This helps to save a lot of space and also enables you to protect stored furniture from accidentally getting damaged when moving things in or out of storage. If you are afraid of losing tiny pieces, you can tape table legs or furniture feet and corresponding hardware to the undersides of the furniture.

Use Vertical Space

To take full advantage of the height of your storage unit in Scranton, use shelves. Stack boxes with heavy ones at the base and store furniture on its side.

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