Types of Self Storage Facilities

Understanding Different Types of Self Storage Facilities

There are different kinds of storage facilities. Each storage facility has its own pros and cons. Once you have decided to use a self-storage facility, you should be well aware of the exact type you need. Here are the four varieties from which you can always select. Click here for facts about Scranton, PA.

Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

This type of facility is usually available within an enclosed building, whose temperature and humidity are supervised, for optimum preservation. Access to the facility is only for authorized persons to ensure that there is no interference of temperature and humidity. Wine, precision tools, and electronics are some of the goods stored in climate-controlled self-storage. Click here to read about the Size of Self Storage Unit.

Non-Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

Typically, non-climate controlled self-storage comprises of open spaces inside a building. There is no supervision of temperature and humidity in this type of storage. It is a bit less expensive to store valuables in a non-climate-controlled self-storage than in controlled-self one. Heavy tools, sporting equipment, and automobiles are some of the goods stored in non-climate controlled self-storage.

Portable Container storage

A container is brought to your premise by its owners in this type of storage. You fill it with your valuables, call them to pick it up, and store it in their warehouse. There is no supervision of climate over this type of storage.

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