Size of Self Storage Unit

Here are the Various Sizes of Self Storage Units

Since self-storage units come in different sizes and configurations, therefore, one needs to know the various dimensions. The dimensions will help you avoid paying up for space you will not use. The price you pay varies depending on the size of the unit you opt to take. The bigger the room square unit, the more you will pay. It is also crucial to note that the design of the room plays a vital role in how it is rated. Below are various sizes of self-storage units. See more here.

Small Sizes - 20 to 80 square ft

Small size units come in a variety of sizes. Items from a one-bedroom apartment can fit into this type of storage unit. See here for information about Top Qualities of an Excellent Storage Facility.

Medium Sizes - 81 to 150 square ft

The medium size self-storage unit is equal to that of a regular bedroom, ten by 10 meters. A single-bedroom apartment or two-bedroom item can fit well in a small-sized self-storage unit. Items like chairs, mattresses, beds, and boxes can all be kept in this type of room.

Large Sizes- 151 to 300 square ft

This size storage unit can store items from a standard three-bedroom house to a six-bedroom one. 

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