Everything Is Bliss

If you are looking for somewhere peaceful where you could zone out and soak up the beautiful and peaceful environment as you admire the beauty brought by force of nature, Scranton has a few of those places. The calm atmosphere and stunning views can be so therapeutic that it acts as a stress reliever. Here are some of those sites. Click here for facts about Scranton, PA.

Nay Aug Park

This is undoubtedly the largest Park in Scranton, and with its size, it has a lot to offer visitors. From hiking trails to a playground and beautiful picnic sites, the park has everything. They also have Olympic-sized swimming pools that are a blast when the weather is kind enough—a good place to work up a sweat or take a leisure stroll, whichever you choose. Click here to read about Popular Attractions in Scranton, PA.

Montage Mountain

Montage Mountain is a large complex featuring 26 trails, seven lifts that are perfect for snow tubing, and air boarding. Summer fun starts at Montage Mountain Waterpark, which features a wave pool, a regulation size volleyball court, a lazy river, and the area's only 50 mph Zip Rider. There is something for everyone to enjoy. You can rent a private cabana or relax on one of three decks. There is also some good food and drinks.