Scranton, PA Is A Museum Lover’s Paradise

If you are traveling to Scranton or are planning to vacation in Scranton and are looking to add a few museum tours to your itinerary, there are a few of those in the city that would be perfect for you. Whether it’s an art, historical or science museum, they’ve got it all. Here are some of them. More can be found here.

The Electric City Trolley Station and Museum

This is a unique museum solely because it used to be a trolley station. You might be having an idea of what the trolley system was all about, but after touring this place, you will have a firm understanding. There is also a kids’ section that your children will love. Learn more about Places to Visit in Scranton, PA with Kids.

Everhart Museum

This is a historical museum that doubles up as an art museum. There are well-organized fossil displays and a few strategically placed art collections upstairs. There isn’t much space, but they have maximized on the little they have to give visitors an enjoyable experience.

Afa Gallery

If you are an art lover, you do not want to miss out on this one. The Afa Gallery consistently exhibits artwork that is conceptually strong, visually appealing, and unique. They highlight many local artists as well as regional and national artists.