Top Attractions in Scranton

If you are planning a trip to Scranton, you probably are already putting together your itinerary so that you can be able to maximize your tour and extract as much fun as possible. If you are stuck on what places to include, the following are ideal places that are worth considering regardless of the party accompanying you. See more here.

Marine Corps League NE Detachment Museum

If you like military stuff, then this should be perfect for you. This military museum is a great place to learn more about the endeavors of the marine corps back in the day. The museum features amazing dioramas, a collection of artifacts dating to the beginning of the Marine Corps, and interesting displays of Marine Corp history. However, it is advisable that you call first before visiting to make sure you have someone to show you around and explain the different things. See here for information about Popular Shopping Destinations in Scranton, PA.

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic

Popularly known as the NEPA Philharmonic, it is the compilation of what was once two orchestras. They perform several times a year and offer music for all ages. If you say there is nothing to do in Scranton, then you haven’t tried this one out.