Major Historical Sites and Landmarks in Scranton, PA

For History Buffs

If you enjoy an unconventional history lesson, then this is the one for you. Scranton is a city rich in history. Despite not being the capital of Pennsylvania, it still has a lot to offer tourists and other interested parties on the history front. Here are some of the historical landmarks that tell the history of Scranton. Learn information about Scranton, PA.

Scranton Cultural Center

This is majorly a theatre that hosts shows and musicals, but no other place tells the culture of Scranton better than here. The architecture of the building is impressive, and so is the interior. No such thing as bad seating as every seat is as good as they get. Great place to catch classic musicals and plays. Discover facts about Highly Rated Eateries in Scranton, PA.

Lackawanna County Courthouse Square

Located in downtown Scranton, this courthouse plays host to a few monuments paying respect to troops lost or missing during war. The architecture is amazing, and the back is the best place to take a photo of Scranton's famous "Electric City" sign. Shouldn't be a long stop.

Historic Scranton Iron Furnaces

There isn't anything fancy here, but there are informative boards that tell a brief history of the place. This is another one that shouldn't be a long stop so you can easily fit it into your itinerary on your way elsewhere.