Security Is the Priority

Before renting or leasing a storage unit, there are certain features you have to make sure the facility in which this unit is located has. These features are mostly meant to assure you that your belongings are safe in that particular facility. The features to look out for in a Scranton storage unit include. Scranton, PA can be seen here.

Digital Surveillance System

This is important because it records the activity on the facilities 24/7. Confirm with the manager what kind of surveillance they provide. Digital surveillance gives quality video and also has little risk of coverage lapse. Click here to read about Ways to Optimize Your Self-Storage Unit in Scranton, PA.

Password Protected Access

Make sure that the facility’s gates and doors are properly protected. With password-protected access, only authorized persons, which is mostly limited to employees and customers, can access the property, and this plays a significant role in ensuring your belongings are safe.

Proper Employee Protocol

It is crucial for the employees to be well trained on things to do to ensure maximum security. This includes regular maintenance checks to ensure all the Scranton storage units are properly locked, and the locks are in good condition.

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