Facts That You Should Know About Mayfield, Pennsylvania

Mayfield is a quiet town in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, just over 14 miles north of Scranton, New York. In its history, Mayfield has had a lot of notable figures. At one point, it was the silk mills and a coal-production business. The current population is 1,806 in the 2021 census. Mayfield is also one of the most western towns in Pennsylvania, with about two million. Information can be found here.
Mayfield is one of the best places to be if you are looking for peace. It has a lot of small townships and is in the center of the Northeast Kingdom. You can find Mayfield at the base of the Appalachian Trail, and it is within sight of beautiful Lake Pennsylvania. If you love trout fishing or hunting, Mayfield will be a great place to hunt your game or just relax by the fire and look at all the pretty scenery. Mayfield is also close enough to New York City to go to the Steinbrenner Opera House and the New York Botanical Garden. See here for information about Dalton Pennsylvania - A Beautiful Town in the Heartland of the State of Pennsylvania.
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Mayfield has preserved its historical flavor and retains many heritage buildings from the coal mining days. There are many old Victorian houses there that have not been renovated. There is a famous old church with a beautiful nave and beautiful stained glass windows. There are the Mayfield Pottery Museum and Mayfield Furniture Gallery. You can enjoy the Mayfield, Pennsylvania State Fair, the Route 40 Car Rally, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and much more in this town. These fairs draw people from all over the region and beyond.