Dalton Pennsylvania - A Beautiful Town in the Heartland of the State of Pennsylvania

Dalton, Pennsylvania is a beautiful state capital city in Pennsylvania with a population of over six million. The town was named after General Dalton, who led the troops at the Battle of Gettysburg. Dalton has much to offer its residents. It is the home of colleges such as The University of Pennsylvania's College of Medicine, a division of the University of Pennsylvania. This university is one of the oldest colleges in all of the United States and the University of Michigan Medical School, the flagship campus for the medical school in the country. In addition, the city is the home of the Hershey Medical Center. Learn information about Scranton, PA.
According to the United States Census Bureau's annual publication called the American Housing Survey, Dalton is the twenty-fourth safest city in the United States regarding per capita income. The average income in this city is around sixty-five thousand dollars, making it one of the more affluent cities in the state of Pennsylvania. The average household income is over one hundred thousand dollars. This means that the average family income in Dalton is above the national average of about forty-two thousand dollars per year. This also means that a person living in Dalton has access to a lot of money. Discover facts about Archbald, Pennsylvania - A Historical Holiday Escape.
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About one hundred and fifty businesses are located in Dalton alone. These businesses employ about one hundred and thirty-five people. Of course, not everyone works at a company in Dalton. Many people work at places such as the Hershey Medical Center or the Milton Keynes Zoo. Overall, a person living in Dalton will find that their town is thriving because of its abundance of businesses and employment.