Budget-Friendly Attractions in Scranton, PA

Pay Less, Enjoy More

Traveling on a budget is not easy. From expensive accommodation to costly flights and ridiculously priced tickets, you may not get much from your vacation. However, there are some hidden gems in Scranton where you can have fun while spending little to nothing. Here are some of those places. Visit this link for more information.

Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum

This museum documents the story and culture of the workers in the mines, mills, and factories of the Anthracite region of Pennsylvania. It also highlights the state and national impact of their labor. It is an excellent learning opportunity, especially if historical events fascinate you. The coal mine is conveniently located right next door, so it is easy to double down. Even if you have read articles and watched documentaries, nothing comes close to this experience. Read about Outdoor Attractions in Scranton, PA here.

Nay Aug Park

This is, without a doubt, the largest Park in Scranton and has a lot to offer visitors. From hiking trails to a playground and beautiful picnic sites, the park has everything. They also have Olympic-sized swimming pools that are fun when the weather is kind enough—a good place to work up a sweat or take a leisure stroll, whichever you choose.