Best Places to Enjoy Scranton, PA Nightlife

Let Loose, Have Some Fun

If you are one of those that enjoy a little fun and entertainment through the night, Scranton has a few destinations like those. From bars and clubs to festivals, they've got it all. Whether you are looking to dance the night away or catch up with friends over some beers, they've got it all. Information can be found here.

Poor Richard's Pub

After being referenced in a popular American TV Show, Poor Richard's Pub is quite popular with the locals. It is a great place to go in with some friends and have a few craft beers. They also have TV screens that show popular games and is a good place to gather around on matchdays to root for your favorite team. See here for information about Major Historical Sites and Landmarks in Scranton, PA.

The V Spot

For some good food and great beers to go along with it, the V Spot is the perfect place to chill around. The staff is super friendly, and the service is top-notch quality. The Thursday special is some delicious New York Strip Steak, so you can never go wrong.

Trax Bar + Kitchen

This is a colorful bar with some unique charm and Décor. Apart from the great beer and cocktail options, they have amazing food and is a good place for dinner. The staff is on top of everything, and you have to wait for barely anything.