Archbald, Pennsylvania - A Historical Holiday Escape

Archbald, Pennsylvania is a town in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania; it is also called Archbald. It was named for James Archbald, the first mayor of Carbondale. The name of this town was previously White Oak Run before being changed to Archbald's honors. Learn more here. There are a couple of attractions in Archbald that are worth a trip. The first is the Lackawanna Historical Society Museum, which the township's citizens created in remembrance of the early years in Lackawanna County. It is in the center of town and houses an Archbald pothole state park with the remains of thirty-six ironstone steam locomotives. Some museums display items like weapons, pottery, furniture, and books. The military day memorial, Fort Donelson National Historic Site, which serves as a National Historic Landmark, is also nearby. Learn more about The Best Places to Find Apartments in Moscow, Pennsylvania.
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The second attraction is the Archbald Iron Plant, which preserves the town's iron history. Archbald was the home of the Archbald brothers, Thomas and John Archbald, who were among the first settlers in Lackawanna County. This plant preserves iron artifacts that include a twenty-one thousand-year-old root cellar discovered in the basement of a former residence of Archbald and his wife. There is also an interpretive center where you can learn more about early Pennsylvania. Other attractions nearby include Lackawanna State Park and the Pohutukawa Community Park with a swimming facility, picnic area, a stage house, a bandshell, and other attractions.